Near Royal Victoria Docks

This venue offers a stunning dockside dining experience with al-fresco dining overlooking the dock during summer (weather permitting)

Nakhon Thai (Royal Docks)

Traditionally decorated to provide a classic feel and boast an impressive Polynesian style cocktail bar

Blue Hawaiian

An outstanding mixture of white rum, blue curacao, pineapple and coconut.

Champagne Cocktail

Also known as the Sex Pistol! A mix of Champagne, brandy, orange curacao with elements of bitters and syrup for flavor.

The flavours of Thai cooking are easy to identify


The flavours of Thai cooking are easy to identify: Lemon Grass, Fish Sauce,  Coriander, Galangal, Garlic, Sweet Basil and Coconut Milk; all combined to make  a harmonious and unforgettable experience, as is its aesthetics. With its philosophy of decorated dishes, beautifully set out in small groups, accompanied with exquisite vegetable carvings and complemented with tiny bowls of clear soup steaming beside communal pots of fluffy fragrant rice. All elegantly placed together to be served in the manner for sharing.

Thai food is known for its diversity, as each dish reflects heavily upon its geographical origins, thus by drawing upon these influences we can create stunning culinary masterpieces.

But its popularity has grown of recent, corresponding to today’s genre of nutritional thinking, as Thai cooking emphasises upon fresh ingredients, no artificial enhancements and the preserving of flavours.

Thai people believe that life should be “SANOOK”, in other words “Pleasurable” and that the pleasure of eating is the Essence to Life. So beware, Thai food is addictive, you may not wish to eat Thai food everyday, but you will certainly want to return to it often.

Welcome to the Nakhon Thai (Royal Docks) established since 2003 and we wish you an enjoyable and unforgettable meal. “Khob Kun Mak kha”

Thank you very much.

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